Top 5 Solar-Powered Colleges In The US

Having a solar panel at home can hardly impress anybody. All the more so because it’s not the luxury but the necessity. Why should we spend natural resources and harm our environment when it’s possible to use alternative sources of energy. Educational institutions didn’t stand aside from this technology and decided to power their facilities and create lots of new workplaces for people. And here we’re not talking about a few panels; we mean that colleges allocated large areas for solar installations, the capacity of which can power the entire campus.
Teachers adore assigning tasks on difficult topics, including solar energy. It’s interesting enough, but not so much to write a long essay or research on it. Address EssayTigers if you stuck at some complicated assignment and get help. Choosing a solar-powered college is the right decision because it’s an indicator of the progressivity and far-sightedness of an institution’s heads. It’s time to learn about the best ones and make a choice.

1. Mount St. Mary's University

The overall capacity of all panels, installed in this institution exceeds 17,000 kilowatts. Construction of this solar-power farm cost the energy company $60 million and occupied more than 100 acres of campus territory. As a result, Maryland University has the largest solar power installation in the state. Students may not worry about the power outage; the batteries’ capacity can power the university facilities for several days in a row. But, just in case, remember that you can always ask Paper Grader for urgent help.

2. Northwestern University

The idea of installing solar panels in this university belongs to its students. Thanks to their dedication and commitment to the goal, the Northwestern university now has 16,8 kW panels, generating huge amounts of energy. It’s the living proof of the fact that when people want something, they may achieve it jointly. So, you should never hesitate to receive help, especially if you need it. Choose one of the top rated essay writing websites and increase your academic performance together with an assigned expert.

3. The University of Arizona

No wonder that university that has the Institute of Energy Solutions enters the top of solar-powered institutions in the USA. Appropriate weather conditions make it the ideal place for using solar panels. Solar zone belongs to the so-called Tech Park Arizona and generates more than 25 megawatts of power. It’s open for public demonstration, so each person can visit it and see this technical wonder firsthand.

4. Colorado State University

CSU joined this movement in 2009, and each year the number of installations, and the amount of energy they generate, increases. It’s the project, developed by university researchers. By the way, any student can offer his or her idea and. Perhaps, it will be implemented. If you have some thoughts as to solar power installations, but don’t know how to present them, buy the project from professional service, for example, OnlineClassHelp.

5. University of Utah

The fact that this university has nine installations on campus, it established community programs to help ordinary people use innovative solutions. Almost 600 homes got their solar panels. By the way, the annual production of energy on the university campus is more than 1 million kWh. If you want to meet like-minded people, choose this university. Get an application essay from Study Bay and enter it. Read StudyBay review to make sure of experts’ professionalism.