Why Solar?

Keep your energy dollars in Wisconsin and increase your energy independence with the most secure energy source available — the SUN !  Solar is a sound investment — adding solar to your home increases its value.  Monthly fuel savings generate a significant long term return on your investment.

Solar Technology

Systems usually include collectors to gather sunlight, pumps, storage tank(s), and a heat exchanger to transfer energy from the solar fluid (a non-toxic glycol-based antifreeze) to the hot water, which is stored in the tanks.   Copper pipe is used to plumb the system and to move the solar-heated water to the load.  For space heating, industrial, or commercial systems various configurations are used depending on the application and load profile.

Solar collectors are a key part of any solar energy system. Resource Solar only uses collectors that are certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) , which tests for durability and performance.  The SRCC provides the collector efficiency data that we use to design solar energy systems.

Solar Thermal System Design

Resource Solar uses the industry’s leading design software, the Transient Energy System Simulation (TRNSYS) program, developed by UW’s Solar Energy Lab, as well as other state-of-the-art modeling and design tools to ensure your solar energy system is optimized to meet your specific site and load requirements.