July 9th, 2012: Focus on Energy restarts funding for renewable energy

By of the Journal Sentinel

July 9, 2012 11:12 a.m.

Focus on Energy has resumed its program to provide incentives for renewable energy systems.

As part of a relaunch of its programs this month, Focus on Energy is providing about $2 million available for biomass, biogas, solar and wind energy projects, according to Renew Wisconsin, an advocacy group for renewables.

“We are pleased that the funding uncertainties with Focus on Energy are behind us and that the renewable energy program is back up and running,” said Don Wichert, “With the resumption of incentives, there is no need for customers to ‘wait and see’ what the future holds.”

A summary of the new programs launched by Focus is available here .

Renewable incentives were suspended last year after the program saw heavy demand for incentives and sought to fund projects that were already in queue but not fund further projects. Funding more projects would have resulted in fewer funds being available for energy efficiency projects, which deliver a higher payback for businesses and homeowners.

Focus on Energy has been in transition since the transfer of the management of the program to Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure from the non-profit Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp.

The new programs “will allow Focus on Energy to deliver cost-effective energy savings and better serve the utility ratepayers of Wisconsin while further adding to an already successful mix of programs available to residents and businesses in the state,” said Bill Haas, program director, in a statement.

Funded through charges on monthly utility bills, Focus on Energy is overseen by the state Public Service Commission, in conjunction with a group comprised of the state’s major power companies.

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