Environmental science research paper

Is the study of the environment and the interactions of physical components that affect the planet.
More specifically, in this case, it is the study of water or hydrology and its effect on the organisms that live off of it. A basic understanding of water and its effect on the earth is needed before looking closer at what holds. One must know the best ways to measure the quality of water and the main differences between seawater and freshwater to understand and complete the experimental portion of this project. Also, it is best to understand what type of organisms live in and off of each body of water tested and how they are affected by PH levels (one of the most basic tests done on liquid) to understand the research portion. On top of that, the science concepts of this experiment will be tied into each portion and that includes diversity, structure, measurement, and ecosystems. This experiment will be testing the differences between water samples from the Illinois River, Lake Michigan, the Pacific Ocean, Lavon Lake in Texas, local ponds, local tap sources, and bottled water. The project also includes seeing how the results affect the organisms that inhabit each body of water.
To comprehend this report better as not only the experimenter but also someone analyzing it, it is important to know how to look for the quality of water. This part of the experiment involves the scientific concept of measurement. It is measuring multiple parts of water quality including total dissolved solids (TDS), conductivity, salinity, and potential hydrogen (ph). In an article by Fondriest (an environmental learning tool) about testing for this, it said, "Total dissolved solids (TDS) combine the sum of all ion particles that are smaller than 2 microns (0.0002 cm)" (Fondriest Conductivity, Salinity, & Total Dissolved Solids). Testing for total dissolved solids is very crucial when studying how a body of water affects the ecosystem because higher levels of this can harm species that live in and off of it. A TDS meter is used to test this. Fondriest also looks into other water quality tests like conductivity and salinity. "Conductivity is a measure of water’s capability to pass electrical flow. This ability is directly related to the concentration of ions in the water… salinity is the total concentration of all dissolved salts in water… salinity is a strong contributor to conductivity" (Fondriest Conductivity, Salinity, & Total Dissolved Solids). An ion is an atom or molecule with a negative or positive charge because of the loss or gain of electrons. Conductive ions come from dissolved salt and other inorganic compounds. Conductivity is measured by a conductivity meter. High salinity affects the density of water by making it denser and can make marine life adapt to that. It can cause less light to get deeper into the ocean so that life must change their ways to hunt and find food. Salinity has an immense effect on conductivity because there are positive and negative salt ions that were dissolved creating a path for electricity to travel through. Ph, on the other hand, is a very basic test that offers much information to a scientist at a very low price. It can tell him or her how acidic or basic a substance is and using that information, they can draw conclusions on why that is and how that affects what lives in and off of it. It is a simple test using litmus paper which will turn a warmer or cooler color depending on how acidic or basic the liquid is. A ph that is too high or low will cause organisms to die. They prefer levels from 6.5 to 9 and outside of that will cause stress on the species (Fondriest ph of water). It is very important to know what is best to check for water quality because that will also affect the research portion where how it affects animal life is looked into.
The most crucial part about testing water is knowing what are the differences in each type of water and how that will affect the data. Because in this experiment freshwater and seawater is being tested, it is important to know the major differences that come from that.
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