Systems provide hot water, space heating, or industrial process heat

Recent increases in state and federal incentives have combined to make solar thermal installations financially rewarding.  Paybacks are often less than 9 years, and in some cases, as short as 4 to 5 years.  Rates of return are attractive as well – 10%, 15%, even 20% internal rates of return are not unusual.  Economies of scale make a big difference – that’s why Resource Solar is committed to providing commercial customers with appropriately-sized installations that make the most economic sense.


In the State of Wisconsin, Focus on Energy provides cash-back rewards to commercial, non-profit, and governmental customers.  The reward size depends on the installation type, size, and configuration.  Larger awards (up to 35% of the installed system cost) are available to some non-profit and public entities, while most commercial installations receive a 25% reward.

At the federal level, a 30% alternative energy tax credit can help customers defray initial costs.

Resource Solar will work with your company to ensure accurate and timely completion of all applications required to obtain the maximum incentives available for your installation.

Resource Solar is a Wisconsin Focus on Energy Renewable Energy Market Provider and Full Service Solar Hot Water System Installer.  For more information please see .